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28 Brooklyn Dr, Spanish Lookout, None

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Please go to for an updated plat map on what's available for sale in the Biospharm community. We build custom cabins and develop mini sustainable farms for families and retirees to live in community. Thank you and God bless.
Green HomeNatural HomeSustainable HomeOff the GridSmall Home
$50Annual Property Tax
775Square Feet
2 / 1Beds / Baths
43560 sq ftLot Size
2014Year Built
Green HomeProperty Type

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What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

Solar cisterns organic gardens and renewable construction materials and practices. We also reuse our grey water and compost all waste. We don't just talk it we live it.

Property Description

We are a developing community of like minded expats seeking a simpler way of life. Our small farms are all in community and raising animals and growing tropical fruits and veggies is our way of life.

Neighborhood Description

Safe, convenient, low cost, conservative and fun. Anyone looking to exit the money trap and rat race would love life at Biospharms. Please contact us directly at [email protected]

Market Area

Rural but well stocked and affordable. Even though we are near the mountains in a third world we have everything we need just minutes away. There is wifi everywhere and great cell service all the time. We have groceries and hardware and restaurants and banks all near by. It's kinda like it was in a small town USA in the 50s.

School District

Public, private, or homeschool.



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Air Quality

Agriculture in Areayes
Industry in Areayes
Air Pollution in Areano
Pesticide Freeno
Fragrance Freeno
Cleaned with Green Productsyes

Interior Environment

Heating System
Solar - Passive
Cooling System
Ventilation System
Whole House Fan
Whole House Filtration
Active charcoal
Whole House Vacuumno

Energy & Water

Energy System
Off the Grid
Water System
Rain Water Collection
Wastewater System
Composting Toilet

Construction Information

Exterior Finish
Interior Finish
Wood - Solid
Interior Paint
Floor Material
Wood - Solid
Roof Material
Window Material
Insulation Material

Garage / Car Port

Garage / Carportyes
Garage Typeattached
Number of Cars1

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