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Hwy. 567, South Lorrain Twp., North Cobalt, Ontario

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Thirteen years ago we built our Dream Home off the grid and have added Gardens, Barn & Shop. Our 40 Acres includes Studios, a Pond, Trails and Sugar Bush. Cell Tower and Satellite Internet, well maintained year 'round road and nice neighbours, too.
Healthy HomeNatural HomeAccessible HomeSustainable HomeEnergy Efficient HomeOff the GridSmall Home
$70Annual Property Tax
700Square Feet
1 / 1Beds / Baths
40.4 acresLot Size
2002Year Built
Green HomeProperty Type

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What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

Natural, locally sourced material, extra insulation, water collection off roof and gravity fed water treatment in shop (*water tiger), low water remote toilet system composts (envirolet remote composting), all wood heat from local sustained forestry area, 5 raised bed gardens ready to grow with 15 feet of well established asparagus bed and lots of wild berries!

Property Description

Well maintained home with board and batten exterior and inner wall. Compact kitchen with Gem (100 yr. old replica) airtight Wood Cookstove. Bathroom has Claw food tub and antique sinks with extra storage/pantry, Bedroom has built in bed frame and lots of built in cupboards throughout and all walls/floor/ceiling has extra insulation, airtight wood stove in shop and propane heater in compost house for winter sewage composting. Large food gardens and perennial plantings with roses and fruit trees make area even more beautiful.

Neighborhood Description

The neighbours are all lovely. Don't leave out food and they won't drop in for dinner...the bears i mean! We have great human cottagers on three sides (120 acres/50 acres and 40 acres respectively), crown land to the east & new friends who are full time residents and live a few kilometres south of us. Wild area full of lakes to fish and boat and swim, well known hiking trails, areas for hunting, snowmobile trails & skiing in winter, all within a few kilometres. Valley community is great!

Market Area

Temiskaming Shores & Area is a lovely community with super shopping, local unique stores and the usual chain stores like Home Hardware and Walmart. People are very friendly and there is always lots to do in the area year 'round. Busy Summer Tourism Season with Winter Sports also attracting ice fishers and snowmobilers. Population of area is 15,000 year 'round residents that almost doubles in summer.

School District

Excellent English and French Schools with Colleges also in the town. Renowned Mining School with Vet and Social Programmes also available. Lots of School based activities for students with massive Community Support for youth. A great place to raise healthy, active children.


We are proud to be members of this community. We care for everyone here and have super support for those of us with special needs. We have elder care in home for as long as possible, have NO homeless people and support our entire community with fundraising, yard sales and collections for anyone who needs a hand. It is an amazing place where everyone works and plays together very well!

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Agriculture in Areano
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Pesticide Freeyes
Fragrance Freeyes
Cleaned with Green Productsyes

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Wood - Solid
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Garage Typeattached
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