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161 Lagilagi, Waisali Village, Koro Island, None

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Island living in a beautiful 10-sided, off-the-grid house amid pristine rain forest, with views to ocean and 8 miles of coastline. Self-sufficient with fruit trees & gardens. UNDER CONTRACT $130,000
Green HomeHealthy HomeNatural HomeOff the GridSmall Home
$0Annual Property Tax
500Square Feet
1 / 1Beds / Baths
27443.00 sqftLot Size
2005Year Built

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What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

One of the most important ways to "go green" is to build small. Also, it's an easy walk to nearby waterfalls, ancient village sites, neighbors' homes, and beaches - so no need to take a truck or car. The house is completely off-the-grid. In fact, on this side of Koro, there is no grid! Well-maintained by the resident owners, the solar and wind-generation system provides all the electricity needed to run lights, fan, computer all day, and washing machine (the latter on sunny days). Water is rainwater catch in two 3,000 liter tanks. Costs to maintain the house are minimal - just propane to buy, and no community association or road fees.

Property Description

The house is open design with a 320-square-foot wrap-around deck, offering spectacular views of the ocean, coastline, and rain forest mountains. Just three house roofs are visible from the deck, all at a distance. The house is surrounded by the natural beauty of the rain forest. As a small home designed for simple living, its "green footprint" is minimal. MUST SELL to pay medical bills in U.S. We offer this house at a price below what it would cost you to build a similar structure - plus you avoid the hassles, frustrations, time, and increasing costs of building on an outer island. Included are all furniture, appliances, kitchen goods, and tools. The main living area is spacious for cooking, eating, sleeping, and home office. A back area houses a bathroom, closet, storage, and refrigerator. Open to the natural surroundings, with abundant natural lighting, it feels much bigger than the square footage would suggest. The shape works well with the environment, allowing for an easy flow of ocean breezes. The design is particularly stable and storm-proof. Temperatures range from low 70s at night to 90 during a few days in the hottest months. There is no need for heating, and because the house is on a hill, ocean breezes and a ceiling fan cool the house year-round. Also on the property are a garden house, under-house storage, and a fuel shed for propane to run the refrigerator, stove, and water heater. Three mobile phone companies provide service on Koro, two of which also have high-speed Internet capabilities. The house site has excellent reception. Located on a road 1/4 mile off the road that encircles the island, the .63 acre lot contains over 100 fruit trees, plus vegetable and herb gardens and many gorgeous tropical plants. The gardens produce pineapples, papayas, guava, coconuts, bananas, passion fruit, avocados, lemons, Fiji oranges, basil, lemongrass, tomatoes, beans, eggplant, okra, bele (greens), taro, cassava, and more - much of which is self-sustaining and requires little effort. Mango, breadfruit, plantain, rambutan, and other trees are yet to mature. The property is freehold, and the new owner will obtain clear title to the land. Buying freehold property in Fiji is a straightforward and easy process.

Neighborhood Description

The house is situated in a 500-acre area where 30 houses have been constructed and about 15 Westerners live full time. Others come and go for vacations, usually just a few families at a time. The area backs up to Native Trust land. Most of the 500 acres will not be built on. There are no immediate neighbors, but several within half a mile. All roads are dirt roads with concrete strips for curves and hills. There are no street signs, electric or phone lines, stop signs, or traffic signals. The natural setting is magnificent; stargazing is excellent. Flora and fauna include red-breasted musk parrots, red-collared lorries, multi-colored fruit doves, and dozens of other tropical birds, nestled in a rain forest of old-growth trees. The rain forest in Fiji is gentle, no poisonous insects or snakes, which allows for hiking through the "bush" safely. The air, which travels over thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean, is incredibly pure. The island is quiet and peaceful - a true paradise. Transportation on and off the island is by ferry, resort boat, or charter plane.

Market Area

Koro Island is Fiji's 6th largest, where Fijians live a communal lifestyle in 14 villages. The island population is 3,500. Fiji's total population is about 800,000, spread over half of its 322 islands. Fijians are among the friendliest people in the world and are happy for people from other countries to move or vacation here. Fiji has been rated "most friendly country" by Conde Nast Traveler. Koro villagers greet you with a wave and a big smile. They treat everyone like royalty. Most speak English. Media reports to the contrary, Fiji is a very safe and hospitable place to live - safer than most countries and safer than cities in developed countries. We often leave our doors unlocked. Villagers can provide gardening, brush cutting (weed eating), and house cleaning services for $12-15 US/day as needed. Numerous opportunities exist to experience the local culture, including rugby matches, visits with villagers, learning how to weave mats, and meke (traditional dance) performances. Village shops sell staples such as rice, flour, potatoes, detergent, and canned fish. Other goods can be brought over by ferry. Koro Beach Resort, less than a mile from the house, offers bungalows and seaside dining, dive and fishing trips, and kayaks for a trip to Sand Island and nearby reefs. Diving and fishing off Koro is rated as world class. Other homes are also available to rent. A government center located on the other side of the island includes a post office, high school, and small hospital. The current owners have lived in the home for over four years and have assisted many individuals and families in moving to Koro Island. They are happy to offer their expertise to answer any and all questions.

School District

Nabasovi School, Cawa District


Waisali Village

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Elevation of Home


Air Quality

Agriculture in Areayes
Industry in Areano
Air Pollution in Areano
Pesticide Freeyes
Fragrance Freeyes
Cleaned with Green Productsyes

Interior Environment

Heating System
Solar - Passive
Cooling System
Passive Cooling
Ventilation System
Whole House Fan
Whole House Filtration
Whole House Vacuumno

Energy & Water

Energy System
Off the Grid
Water System
Rain Water Collection
Wastewater System
Septic System

Construction Information

Exterior Finish
Interior Finish
Wood - Plywood
Interior Paint
Floor Material
Wood - Solid
Roof Material
Window Material
Metal Single Glazed
Insulation Material

Garage / Car Port

Garage / Carportno
Garage Typeattached
Number of Cars2

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