Green Homes for Sale - Concho, Arizona Green Home

Concho, Arizona — Green Home For Sale

A beautiful modern home surrounded by 62 acres of private pristine Nature offering off-grid freedom and self-sufficiency PLUS income potential too! The utmost time and consideration went into developing this very aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient & health minded home, utilizing non toxic building materials throughout.

Listing ID: 20666

  • Accessible Home
  • Energy Efficient Home
  • Green Home
  • GreenBuilt Home
  • Healthy Home
  • Sustainable Home
  • Off the Grid
  • Photovoltaic (PV)
  • Solar - Photovoltaic
Asking Price (USD) $764,000
Annual Property Tax $500
Annual Utility Cost $2,200
Home Area 2,079 sq ft
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
Total Property Area 62 acres
Year Built 2023

Property Description

Every aspect of this home was professionally designed and constructed by licensed professionals based on these specific principles: healthiness, sustainability, Eco-consciousness, climate change resilience, zero-energy-cost, all with the convenience, connectivity and pleasure of living in an aesthetically lovely home with off-grid independence.

The result is a high-performance structure that will be standing hundreds of years
from now. What is more it will have negligible negative impact on the environment throughout its life thanks to wise material selection, energy use, water usage, indoor air environment, and more.
Above all, this home is designed to provide its owners with a wise investment beyond financial --  a quality lifestyle and a health-promoting living environment.

Additionally, speaking of return on financial investment, the outlying area of this property (with its own private entrance gate) has provided a welcome Nature respite for urban dwellers with self-contained RVs, by providing an environmentally-clean place to recover from pollution such as multiple chemical exposure, air pollution, EMF pollution, wireless electrosmog, etc. This optional "summer RV retreat" has provided a pleasant income and has been
county-permitted for special land use. It is also well suited to be a family compound.

This home has passed all its construction inspections, has far exceeded building codes, and has earned its Certificate of Occupancy through the County, however it needs more completion, mainly interior wall finishing.  Its Open Floorplan and Flex-room design can easily be modified to provide 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. Architectural and Engineer plans, building materials, 3 quality out-buildings (guest bunkhouse, electrical, and water), all New Appliances & Furniture to convey with sale.

See Yucca Ridge Ranch Info Pkg (12 pg pdf) for complete details of this home and property, and Pueblo Quieto the EMF Quiet Neighborhood (20 pg pdf) for details on the Income potential.

Please find these info-pkgs and other detailed info available for convenient download from the "Documents" tab at its official MLS 245454 listing page:,12,1,41326

Or email Kevin Dunn, Realtor, Realty Execs, at (or call 928 243-0313) and request a copy.

What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

This home was custom built to take full advantage of its uniquely scenic site and its Nature-blessed location for modern off-grid living, so its environmentally friendly and energy conscious features are apparent in every design detail, every building product and every construction method used.

A few key examples include the high performance 12-inch thick Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) block walls that are constructed using organic material and insulated with non-toxic  rock wool. Adding to this substantial structure is custom manufactured Jeldwin windows for maximum passive heating and cooling, solar power harvesting thanks to 300-plus days of warm sunshine, a rain catchment capacity of 22,000 gallons per year from its non-toxic metal roof, and top of the line energy efficient appliance and devices throughout.

This beautiful non-toxic structure has been
professionally engineered to be standing and functioning in harmony with Nature hundreds of
years from now, despite climate change.

Many more examples in greater detail can be found in our Yucca Ridge Ranch Info Pkg (12-page pdf). Please find it available for convenient download from the "Documents" tab at its official MLS 245454 listing page:,12,1,41326

Or email Kevin Dunn, Realtor, Realty Execs, at (or call 928 243-0313) and request a copy.