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5861 N Bentley Dr, Rimrock, AZ 86335, USA, Rimrock, Arizona

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Casa Solaris is an efficient, green home. Features include high thermal mass, solar thermal radiant floor, domestic hot water and hot tub. Passive solar design, concrete floors, solar grid-tie $289-2015, rainwater harvesting, cool roof and more...
Green HomeSustainable HomeEnergy Efficient HomeSolar - Photovoltaic
$2,324Annual Property Tax
2,816Square Feet
3 / 3Beds / Baths
16988 sq ftLot Size
2009Year Built
Green HomeProperty Type

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What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

Solaris is a two story walkout hillside home with over 60 tons of thermal mass for storing warm or cool. 3.15kw grid-tie PV. Passive solar heating with proper overhangs for summer. 328 gallon thermal storage tank with 4 flat plate collectors. 3 heat exchangers for radiant floor (controlled by 3 thermostats), domestic and hot tub. Once depleted, a high efficiency propane boiler seamlessly fills in. For cooling, passive, evaporative and air conditioning. All duct work is in conditioned space. Cool roof, gray water to plants, rainwater catchment 1750 gal. Drip irrigation to garden, fruit trees and grapes (wine and table). Efficient doors and windows, site orientation, clerestory, covered decks, can be two homes in one for in-law, Airbnb or monthly rental.

Property Description

Casa Solaris is the product of conscience, research, planning and hard work. Solaris means "of the sun." This home takes full advantage of the sun while also providing shade for enjoyment. The results are a sustainable green home without sacrificing comfort. In 2015 our propane usage was 50 gallons, our total electrical bill (including all non electrical use charges) was $289. The green features include site orientation for passive solar heating, solar electric panels, solar thermal systems for hydronic radiant floor heat, domestic hot water, hot tub and a backup boiler. Quality construction includes windows, doors, cabinets and counter-tops, high thermal mass, cool roof, combination masonry/wood frame, covered decks and patio. Cooling systems are: passive cooling, evaporative cooling, downsized air conditioning. Other features include rainwater harvesting for irrigation of edibles and ornamental, gray water to plants, courtyard, and fire/security, house music system. In short, Casa Solaris hereafter referred to as Solaris, has been designed from the ground up to save energy and recover costs over the home’s lifetime. It was not designed to mimic or compete with builder’s short term profit goals. Let’s take a closer look and the unique design. 2 cars can be parked on each level of the home, along with off-street parking. I placed it in the "rural" category, but it is not in the middle of nowhere. Feel free to call or email with questions, we can send more information and photos/virtual tour. I researched, designed and built the home. Cheers! Tim

Neighborhood Description

Rimrock was initially a dude ranch destination. It is now a mix of retirees, families and horse properties. Solaris is the nicest home in the subdivision, located next to Beaver Creek School K-8 grades. Less than 2 miles away is Montezuma Well National Monument. Beaver Creek is with-in easy walking distance.

Market Area

The Rimrock community has a 24/7 Fire/ Ambulance/Paramedic station restaurants, gas stations, dollar stores, churches, auto repair and post office. For larger towns, Camp Verde 16 min. has banks, fitness center, supermarket, pharmacies, eateries, casino, high school (by bus), healthcare center, drug stores. Sedona's Village of Oak Creek is 21 minutes away, with excellent hiking, mtn. biking, grocery, fitness center, prime outlets, golfing and eateries. Cottonwood 26 min to hospital and more...

School District

Beaver Creek School District was established in 1881. It now has pre-school through 8th grade. Two years ago there were major additions and renovations made. There is also a Yavapai County Library Branch located on school grounds. Having the school next door literally, you have access to the field, bb court and it makes for a quiet neighbor. As for high school, there is a choice of Camp Verde high, Mingus High (Cottonwood) or Red Rock High in Sedona.


The community composed of Rimrock, Lake Montezuma and McGuireville is about 3300 population. If you include Camp Verde and these areas we're about 11,000. Many working residence commute to Camp Verde, Cottonwood or Sedona for work. There is a growing sense of community with an adult center, library, Kiwanis, fourth of July parade and a trails coalition. The Cliff Castle Casino is a major employer. A new Heathcare outpatient/rehab center has just opened in Camp Verde.

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Agriculture in Areano
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Pesticide Freeyes
Fragrance Freeyes
Cleaned with Green Productsyes

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Hydronic Floor Heat (radiant)
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Conventional Forced Air - A/C
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Whole House Vacuumno

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Energy System
Solar - Photovoltaic
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Cement Plaster
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Garage / Carportyes
Garage Typeattached
Number of Cars2
Garage Area550 sqft

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