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Lavaca, Arkansas — Green Home For Sale

BEAUTIFUL GREEN EFFICIENT w BASEMENT 15+ acres $239000. For Sale By Owner. Can consider trade for a property further north in KS/MO or NW AR.

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  • Green Home
  • Healthy Home
Annual Property Tax $860
Annual Utility Cost $2,100
Home Area 2,750 sq ft
Bedrooms 3
Total Property Area 15 acres
Year Built 1983

Property Description

Our friend Jessica wrote: "Your house is stunning! Who ever purchases it will be blessed just as you have! Y'all are wonderful ppl!! " Thanks, Jessica!

PLEASE contact us first if you saw our house
through our ad. We have had some say they saw this ad but called our realtor first. To sell by Owner we need you to call us because this greatly reduces our costs. Our realtor will still get her fair share for helping us with the legal paper work and showing the house. Thanks.

Also, economists tell us home prices may be rising this year, increasing to 18% in some places. If this is true, the price we are asking will also go up. We are going to keep the price the same for awhile longer.

We are completely happy here but we want to
relocate. Due to the economy we have come
down at least $100,000. We have also upgraded
and have put in a lot of improvements. And
because we are not in any pressure to sell, and
because this is an exceptional home, we believe
we can wait for the right offer. We do not base our
asking price on the average price of homes
around here, but on what a green home like ours
is really worth. And btw this is one of the least
expensive Green Homes in Arkansas!

If you are concerned about tornadoes in the news,
we've lived here over 20 years and we've never
seen one. There has been some wind damage
but nothing much. Northwest AR includes our
area and is listed as the ONLY really safe area to
live in the USA taking everything into consideration. The winds prevail to our advantage, there is little crime, very mild weather, and we have one of the best locations.

Home description: There are 3 bedrooms but
there is room enough for a fourth. This property
has a squeaky clean title deed. We are selling by
owner, but also back it up with a reputable agent
with all the appropriate legal papers. Real estate
has held well in our area. This house has LOTS of
very important as well as attractive qualities. Very
updated and mostly new kitchen appliances.

Think sustainability! It is made with strong 2 x 6
construction. Plus, it is very energy efficient with
geothermal, metal shake roof, storm proof walk
out basement, wells and greenhouse. We also
have a solar greenhouse. A man can mow our
field for some hay. If you want an excellent, well
kept up and beautiful piece of real estate you can
feel good about, this is it.

Home is situated on approx 15 acres - 1/3 wooded, 1/3 surrounding house, and 1/3 field. Only 3 miles from Lavaca and 20 mins from Ft. Smith. The town has its own dentist and medical Wellness Center. It also has a Fitness Center. The school is considered very good. This is a single family residence but there is a separate basement living area with its own entry. If you count the basement it would be approx. 3,000 feet, making it a total of three floors.

If you see a chicken house down the road please note: it has not been used for over 20 years and probably never will be.

What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

It is healthy or natural because of: Metal Shake roof, Geothermal, whole house water purifier (opt), solar greenhouse, long planter beds, huge back sun deck, dry infrared sauna (opt), steam sauna (opt), basement which keeps house cooler in summer and warmer in winter, two 3,000 gallon roof fed water cisterns for backup, two long raised planter beds, a full producing fruit and nut orchard. We use non-toxic cleaning products and are nonsmokers. Bedroom and living room have wood floors. Natural full spectrum overhead light system in kitchen to beat the winter blues. Our house sits on top of a hill for view and lots of fresh air. We say our home is fragrance free but we occasionally use pure essential oils for their benefits.

Neighborhood Description

We live on a cul de sac. This makes it safer and more secure. Neighbors are barely visible and we think they are very nice and helpful people. The street we live on is semi paved and there are approx. five families. It is quiet and private and we have our own private driveway that goes up our hill. The view is gorgeous.

Market Area

We live only 3 miles from the town of Lavaca, and we are outside the city there are no 'limits' to what you want to do with this property that I know of. Ft. Smith is the larger town and serious shopping like Wal Mart is only 20 mins away. There is also a good supermarket here in
Lavaca as well as other stores, but it is a small
town. Lavaca is famous for their delicious pizzas,
Mexican food, down home family restaurant,
BBQ, and drive through. Honestly, with a place like ours and a town like this, what's not to like?

We think this is a true statement:TOUGH CHOICES
Facing the Challenge of Food Scarcity
By Lester R. Brown

"In rural /urban terms, the countryside will be the winner and the cities, the losers. Indeed, emerging food scarcity may reverse the terms of trade between the countryside and the city. Land and water values seem certain to escalate. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, cities--with the control of capital and technology--have had an advantage. But in a world where capital, technology, and certainly labor are relatively abundant and where land and water are scarce, a reversal in the terms of trade may be inevitable."
..........Think ahead -- outside the box!..........

As for how Arkansas stacks up for retirees, check out this article: Shock Announcement About the Easiest Place to Retire
By Lee Harrison

I retired abroad almost 10 years ago. And since then, I've re-retired and relocated a few more times, just to continue the adventure I started back in 2001.

I've accumulated a large body of personal knowledge about where to retire…and how to evaluate retirement destinations.

When choosing the easiest places in the world to retire, IL talks about criteria like being English-friendly…ease of travel and proximity to the US…availability of rentals…a strong social infrastructure, with a well-organized expat community…climate…healthcare.

So taking all that into account, I've arrived at the world's easiest place to retire for North Americans. It's Arkansas. I'm serious.

If "easy" were your overriding criteria in choosing a destination, I think Arkansas could be great. It offers loads of English-speakers, warm and friendly people, beautiful mountains, broad rivers, access to good health care, a low cost of living, and excellent infrastructure.

School District




Home Type or Land

Single Family - Two Story

Location of Home or Land


Elevation of Home


Building Details

Air Quality

Agriculture in Area Yes
Industry in Area No
Air Pollution in Area No
Pesticide Free Yes
Fragrance Free Yes
Cleaned with Green Products Yes

Interior Environment

Heating System Forced Air - Electric
Wood Stove
Cooling System Conventional Forced Air - A/C
Ventilation System Part of Cooling System
Part of Heating System
Whole House Filtration HEPA filtration
Whole House Vacuum No

Energy & Water

Energy System Municipal Energy
Water System Municipal
Rain Water Collection
Wastewater System Septic System

Construction Information

Construction Type Wood Framing: 2x4, 2x6, etc.
Exterior Finish Other
Interior Finish Gypsum Board - Sheet Rock
Wood - Solid
Interior Paint Other
Plant Based
Floor Material Carpet
Wood - Laminated
Wood - Solid
Roof Material Metal
Window Material Metal Dual Glazed
Insulation Material Other

Garage / Car Port

Garage / Carport Yes
Garage Type Carport Attached
Number of Cars 2
Garage Area 0 sqft