Carbondale, Colorado

Indescribable and unlike anything you have seen. Please see photos.
Accessible HomeOff the Grid
$1,293,300Asking Price (USD)
$6,250Annual Property Tax
$1,800Annual Utility Cost
4,192Square Feet
4 / Beds / Baths
2.0 acresLot Size
2016Year Built
Green HomeProperty Type

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What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

In 1983, I designed my first Passive Solar home for physics professor Dan Heim It's still featured on Dan's informative website “”. In 2016, I finished this most sustainable home for my own family. The way I used energy conservation methods in this home, makes it 75% more efficient than other code built homes that are the same size. Here are the SPECIAL FEATURES #10 THROUGH #20...Number 10)- The home was built to LEED Silver Standards. It is sustainable both for the Earth and for your most healthful enjoyment. I will complete the certification if you would like me to, as it adds value. Feature #11)- This feature is why you will rave about this homes comfort? There is 4800 cubic feet of invisible, concrete thermal mass, all tucked inside the concrete walls and passive solar slabs. 70% of the concrete mass, was part of a well built smaller passive solar home originally on this exquisite site. It was about half the size of this new one. I tore it down, all, but left the thick slabs, concrete walls, timbers and its exquisite Kiva wood burning fireplace. I added 1900 cubic feet of additional living space including the livable greenhouse and more concrete thermal mass. This mass, absorbs heat during the day, to keep it cool in the summer, even with all widows open. Thermal mass releases heat at night to keep the home warm and comfortable. The home sits at 7,450 foot elevation on this mesa. It overlooks the Roaring Fork River Valley, 3 miles to the South. It gets cool at night during the summer. Windows can be opened to adjust the temperature for deeper sleep or sleep alfresco on the roof deck. Best of all, there is no rumbling, from air conditioners, or heating fans through ducts and dry air.. The tiled concrete slabs are heat collectors as the lower winter sun streams through Southern windows, underneath the wide projecting eaves. These same eaves, shade the windows and slabs when the Sun is higher in the summer. Without any mechanical, heating, or cooling, neither the home, nor the green house, will drop below 58 degrees in February, or will it rise above 81 degrees of dry heat in August. Feature #12)- I built a super-insulating and fire resistant exterior envelope, that works like a blanket around the exterior of the home. It's called It prevents the outside temperatures from affecting temperature inside the home of the thermal mass. is a system I patented in 2016. It was approved by building departments, in Pitkin and Eagle Counties in the Western Rockies and also used on a spec home I built in 2015. employs 3 to 7 inches of 2lb dense, Spray, Polyurethane, Foam (SPF), on the outside surface, of all walls and roofs. One of the attached photos is a revealing model, of how it is built. is a continuous insulating envelope, outside the structural walls. That mean the dense foam insulation is not interrupted by the usual studs, or roof rafter wood structure, where traditional insulation is placed, inside the walls. I additionally put blown cellulose insulation there as well. The International Energy Code has a 30% performance benefit, for continuous envelopes. As a result, this exterior envelope was awarded a 30% R-value bonus. This envelope delivers a stand alone R-29 walls and R-49 roofs, in addition, to the inside the walls R-13 blown cellulose. Under the red standing seam metal pitched roofs, is a similar 5-1/2” thick assembly. The flat roofs are different, they all have 7" of dense 3 lb foam. was 3rd party tested to perform 50% better than new code built homes. The H.E.R.S. analysis is available on request. It took me over 3 years to design and build this home. Feature #13)- I built the home using all non toxic, adhesives, paints, cabinetry and finishes used. 90% of all materials are recycled, including kitchen and bath glass countertops, and porcelain floor and wall tiles. I used both existing and recycled heavy timbers. The sustainable forest certified, wood butcher block, kitchen island and bamboo floors are the worlds, most sustainable materials. The homes cost was over $650 per square foot, because of all the fine details, and rare features. Feature #14)-While being an architect, I’m also a certified Building Biology, Environmental Inspector BBEI. I designed this home to be E.M.F free, by using electric field, shielded armored wiring and magnetic field free, balanced polarities. Thats so that everyone can sleep deeper. The home was also dowsed to insure of no geopathic stresses, also know as earth energies. Feature #15)-The home is energy independent. It sports a trouble free 4Kw, grid tied Photo Voltaic system. 8 of its twelve panels are on the greenhouse. The other four are on the solar shed. An Outback electrical inverter, charges the 8 SunXtender batteries, with two weeks of backup power supply. Feature #16)-The homes lighting fixtures are 90% LED,and 10% fluorescent incandescent lamps. Additionally, custom cove lighting illuminates almost every room #17) Four solar heated, domestic hot water panels are also on the solar shed. A 110 gallon tank, supplies most of the hot water with the propane heater as back up. 18) All floors are Bamboo or tile and heated by 4 zones of hydronic, foot warm, radiant heating. 75% of the heating is passive solar and it is backed up by an efficient propane heater. #19 The home has a fresh air ventilation system, manufactured by Zehnder, named ComfoAir 550 Luxe. It uses a simple geothermal, warmed radiator, to pre-heat, cold, in-coming fresh air. The air then flows into a Heat Recovery-Ventilator, that warms it to room temperature by extracting heat from the outgoing used air. This is through 12 flexible exhaust pipes, running mostly from bathrooms and the kitchen. At the same time, it is distributing warmer fresh air, to each of the bedrooms and living spaces, through 12 supply pipes. #20)-Roof water catchment in addition to an on or off, grey water collection to a 1200 gallon underground water tank for additional irrigation Well, that about sums it up for its comfort , healthfulness and energy saving features.

Property Description

Hi there! If you like what you see, then imagine what it is like it in person. I spent 3 years designing and building it for my family. I'm Darek Shapiro, an Architect. I will answer all your questions. You can have your own Facetime, walkthrough of the home and the property if you call my cell # (970) 989-3877. You may notice that this green built, homes price, is probably LESS THAN HALF, of what it cost me to build for my own family. Accounting for my costs is available. We have moved to south Denver metro vicinity for more architecture work of this type. I can go back and forth to show the home. If you like what I did here, I can create another one with you that might better suit your needs at a your chosen location. If you take few minutes see what was done here, you will get many ideas. 60 more photos are on 398 Mtn View Rd. My design goals are to make homes feel, as good as they look. Here you can also live in guilt free luxury, as this home, uses 75% less energy than a same sized code built home. BEFORE YOU SEE THE 17 features that you can't find on a home even 10 x the cost, here's an endorsement from professional home inspector, David Wall:: "As the owner, and lead home inspector, of ProTech Building Inspections LLC, we see many houses in the Roaring Fork Valley each week. Rarely do we see a house as innovative as the Shapiro house. The house captures lots of natural light and is one of the most energy efficient designs in the valley. The house incorporates many advanced features and the floor plan flows naturally within its surroundings. The finishes are sophisticated and thoughtful, fitting such a well designed home. On top of that, the house has a fantastic 180 degree view that is second to-none. This house is easy to maintain and would be a joy to own. Best regards, Dave Wall" ProTech Building Inspections LLC. Office: 970-384-0111 Cell: 970-987-6572 PO Box: 368  Carbondale, CO 81623......... HERE ARE THE RARE FEATURES YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ENJOY..... Feature 1)-Treat yourselves to the feeling of wholeness with sacred Geometry, and the harmony of Feng Shui built into the design of this home and its site. Imagine yourself here. If the shapes, and composition of elements please you and If the practical, creative solutions, inspire you, it's due to these ancient tools I've used for 40 years. Thy increase our own and our children's self awareness, peace of mind and physical balance. Feature #2)-Walk the acres of rolling hills. The fruit of 12 drip irrigated and productive, plumb, apple, cherry, and pear trees is delicious. Naturally arranged boulders and stone walls, create structure and containers for the trees, flowerbeds and the sprinklered lawn. Three stone paths wind their way through gardens to massive stone bridges. These bridges, run past 3 patios and over the dry arroyo, to the front door, the living room and mud room. Feature 3)-Awaken, to the quiet mountain bliss. Step outside your 2nd floor master bedroom onto a 575 square foot Trex roof deck. A breathtaking 180 degree view, of the 50+ snow capped, jagged peaks of the Elk Mountain Range glisten, as rising sun illuminates them. Feature 4)-Look down and to the East. There, is your 390 Sq.Ft., passive solar-heated and insulated greenhouse. It has both water and electricity is very comfortable habitable space, as well as great for growing. It can also serve you simultaneous, multi function use, as a studio, shop, gym, and sunny filled playroom. It can be used as an office with a roll down sunshade on the large glazed south side. You may convert it, into an additional dwelling unit (ADU), with the permission from the HOA. Feature 5)- Down the curved stairs is a stunningly designed chefs kitchen. It sports 2 sleek steel strapped roof trusses, custom large Island and cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. It will make you're entertaining a pleasure. Feature 6)-That kitchens sink has a handy 16 square foot herb and flower garden/large bay windows. It faces the rising sun that fills the garden and room with morning sunlight. Feature 7)-There is a beautiful Southwestern circular masonry Kiva wood burning fireplace in living room and a gas fired fireplace in the dining/family room. Either one, can heat the entire home, beautifully. Feature #8) The home is safe from lightning strikes, as a 14 point strike protection system is on the roofs of all three structures. Feature 9)-A lovely 430 Sq Ft.,1st floor suite, with windowed bedroom, 3/4 bath and a bonus room are all in a very secured impenetrable but unrecognizable safe area. It has thick steel window and door shutters. Concrete walls on 4 sides and a 10" slab above. It can serve as a 4th bedroom, and office a parents space or a noisy playroom. Inside is a military grade HEPA air filter, that keeps chemicals, radioactive dust, bacteria, pollen or and even smoke from a forest fire out of the safe area and the entire home. FEATURES #10 through #20 are described in the pages "Green & Efficient Features" column. Briefly listed here, they are; 10)-LEED certification available. 11)- Huge thermal mass storage. 12)- Super insulating envelope. 13)- All materials non toxic. 14)- E.M.F free living. 15)-Energy independent. 16)-custom LED fixtures 17)-Solar Hot water #18-All hydronic radiant floors. 19) HRV fresh air. #20) Roof water catchment

Neighborhood Description

A 5 minute drive downhill to the Roaring Fork Valley Floor is where you will find the little town of El Jebel It means Holy Mountain in ancient Aramaic language. El Jebel has 6 places to eat 6, plus shops and services. Across Highway 82 is the Willets Town center where you will find Whole Foods, City Market, 11 restaurants, gyms, many stores and entertaining venues are 3.5 miles South, at the fast growing Willits Town Center. . I assume you like nature. It is everywhere and the voices are unlimited. Aside from mountain climbing, biking, rafting, hunting, running hiking, camping, there are 3 public golf courses, are all are within 20 minutes away. About the legendary fishing. You can fish, or just sit and dangle your feet in the water of 2 Gold Medal Trout rivers, and 2 local, pristine, and secluded mountain creeks.

Market Area

7) The Town of Carbondale is 10 minutes drive to the North West. It is the Postal address of their home.Carbondale has a very eclectic and creative character. Lots of artists and musicians,. hail from Carbondale. A new Lilbrary and new City Market are part rnof its new development.rn Whole Foods, City Market and 2 restaurants, gyms stores and entertaining venues are 3.5 miles South at the fast growing Willits Town Center. An additional Small town of Basalt is about 115 minutes South East. It has a more quaint character, with more very good restaurants, bars, and shops Aspen & Snowmass Village and some of the works best skiing and cultural activities all are 25 minutes away. rnand Go fish or just sit and dangle your feet in 2 Gold Medal Trout rivers, or 2 pristine secluded creeks. The fishing and 3 public golf courses are all are within 20 minutes away.

School District

The Schools and this home are part Eagle County. The children are given challenging and broad educational advantages in Elementary and Middle School and High Schools. Other opportunities are The well known Waldorf school is 6 minutes away. Rocky Mtn. College is 15 minutes away in Carbondale . Aspens museums and culture also is accessible. There are may good pre schools in the immediate area.


The HOA is a mostly fun loving mature independent group of about 73 homes in about a square mile hilly area. Lots of families show up and socialize at the club and at freequent parties. We look out for each other up here on top of the mesa, and share seeds food ideas and help. I've made some have some great friends in my The The Immediate neighborhood is called Aspen Mountain View Home Owners Association . The HOA's club with 50 foot long heated swimming pool, a large hot pool, pool-house, tennis court, Basketball hoop, and a Childrens playground. Its all about 250 yards West. The snowfall is about 50" and most melts off the next day. January and February may require a few plows, or shoveling.rnCattle Creek Rd the main road to road to town, and Mtn View Rd are plowed by Eagle County after just one inch of snow.

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Agriculture in Areayes
Industry in Areano
Air Pollution in Areano
Pesticide Freeyes
Fragrance Freeyes
Cleaned with Green Productsyes

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Heating System
Hydronic Floor Heat (radiant)
Cooling System
Cool Pipes
Ventilation System
Heat Exchanger
Whole House Filtration
HEPA filtration
Whole House Vacuumno

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Off the Grid
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Exterior Finish
Interior Finish
Gypsum Board - Sheet Rock
Interior Paint
Floor Material
Roof Material
Asphalt Composition Shingle
Window Material
Metal Dual Glazed
Insulation Material
Recycled Denim Batt

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Garage / Carportyes
Garage Typeattached
Number of Cars2
Garage Area500 sqft

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