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202 Pleasant Dr, Ridgway, Colorado

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Well built Earthship for off grid living. Long term owner financing with 25K down. Possible trade or lease option. Private,fantastic views, yet close to a great mountain town. Call 435-644-8455 or email at: bljustbe@
Green HomeHealthy HomeNatural HomeAccessible HomeAdobePhotovoltaic (PV)
$2,027Annual Property Tax
1,500Square Feet
2 / 1Beds / Baths
4.5 acresLot Size
1998Year Built

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What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

This home is built entirely of earth, stone, natural tiles and wood. It would be a great environment for anyone who has severe reaction to chemicals. All stones are sealed with all natural stone enhancers and sealers. Most of the wood on the ceilings, cabinets, walls, and kitchen floor are either recycled, sustainably harvested or milled dead standing beetle killed blue pine. All the doors throughout the house are handcrafted. Interior wall finishes that are not wood or tile are oxide pigment dyed hand mixed and applied adobe mud plaster finishes. Once again, these are not PAINTED walls. These are adobe mud finish recipes applied over three foot thick earthen walls that contain various natural pigment dyes and took many months to apply and finish, which have resulted in the most unique and beautiful finish coats of earth plaster. You may ever see a luster from the mica schist particles ingrained in the the adobe. Something the ancients did in the old pueblo's to increase the light levels. The tires in the walls ( donated by the late Dennis Weaver ) have all been naturally sealed underneath the mud infill. All wood framed cavities are filled with natural blown cellulose insulation material (to an R35 value) void of chemicals like formaldehyde. The entire front of the house is glass and metal trim so as to allow for minimum maintenance and maximum view and solar gain. The total efficiency of the passive solar design eliminates the need for most heating or cooling year round and so the air inside remains fresh, as it's most comfortable to have the windows and skylights open during every season in the daytime particularly when it's sunny. You will enjoy God's cleanest and healthiest water - rain and snow melt collection. The roof acts as a 2000 square foot surface area rain-catchment bowl and drains down into 6000 gallons of clean underground polypro storage tanks which the house utilizes year round for all it's needs. A backup hydrant with a tap is available on the land for extra water. This home has been visited by people very affected with environmental illness and whose sensitivities to conventional building structure materials stimulated adverse reactions regularly. My wife has this condition and experiences no problem whatsoever. We built the house with this as a primary motivation. All woods were sealed with a very expensive all natural product from a special supplier in Colorado that have no toxic compounds whatsoever in them. The roof catchment surface utilizes a non-toxic membrane that does not leach and the water supply is tripled filtered for drinking. The owners have slept and lived around dozens of exotic plants including orchids, birds of paradise, constant blooming hibiscus and lots of herbs, veggies and even a night blooming cirrus desert vine which gave us one of the world's most beautiful blooms. One could also grow just food in these planters.

Property Description

Contact us directly at: [email protected] or call 435-644-8455 for more information. The constellation Earthship is a very well built compact and elegant rammed-earth home in very good condition with a renter/caretaker living there now. The land alone is worth about 300K in today market so the asking price is a real value and good investment. We will entertain any and all offers. The location of the property is safe from tornadoes, floods and sheltered from high winds. A good fire mitigation program has been in place. Water is excellent and seasons are moderate. The small white dot in the lower part of photo 2 is the location of the home. Owner built with many "smart" features that make living totally off-grid as easy and comfortable as is possible. This is a completely all natural home. This home has been the subject of many local workshops on off grid living. Assessed value of 510K for 2011. Market stinks so we will look at any reasonable offer. Pictures can only hint at the views, natural beauty and elegance of this home! The home possesses a good sized solar array mounted behind the house which faces the suns path throughout the day to maximize solar-energy gain. The house is not far from power lines if one wanted to hook up to the grid. There is also a passive solar water heater mounted in front of the house that heats the bulk of the houses water heating needs. The roof is a giant water catchment system which drains down into underground cistern holding tanks. A beautiful observation deck off the east end of the house commands valley and mountain views. There are optional gray water line valves that will divert all gray water from the house into the huge indoor planters for secondary utilization of the growth of plants. Even though the house is off-grid (utilizing deep-cycle batteries for the electrical needs) there are back up systems in place for water, heating, and electricity. Also, the house can be put on grid for a reasonable expense. Add to this 3 foot thick natural adobe walls, a special water condensation catchment system, two types of new shades to conserve heat and produce shade, cork floors and dual Yotul heaters and you have an amazing living environment. In a way its like a living organism.

Neighborhood Description

The house was built on a very premium 4.5 acre lot in a valley 3 miles from Dennis Weaver’s famous Earthship. Water and power hookups are close. We choose not to use them but a new owner could hook up to them. Look at the small white dot in the bottom of the picture of the valley. That is the house! The land slopes gently south with a view of the entire Sneffles and Cimarron ranges in the western San Juan Mountains. We believe it is the most beautiful alpine view short of the Grand Tetons. In front of us there is over 20 thousand acres of beautiful open space land belonging to ranches over 100 years old. There is the option to build a second guest house if a new owner wanted to. One can hike for miles on private trails from the back of the house. This is a very private location yet it is 5 miles from the small and very nice town of Ridgway, Colorado. The location is very quiet and peaceful with great neighbors. Ridgway has all the basic services like medical, dental, banking, auto repair, along with a great natural foods store and network of progressive activities and a wonderful town park. There is also the opportunity to join local organic Community Supported Agricultural farms. There is a great ski area, Telluride, close by and a major town 30 miles away on good roads. We also have 3 hot springs resorts available in Ouray County. We have high speed Internet in the home now if that is needed. Also, Ouray County has some of the lowest taxes in the state. This area is very premium and excellent for investment as it has not been affected much by the present housing market. Most of the properties in the valley are selling for over 1M and seem to be maintaining their value. Another Earthship one mile from us recently sold for 875K. Keep in mind our situation allows for flexible financing including owner carry. All reasonable offers considered. Reach us at 435-644-8455 or email us at: [email protected]

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The western slope of Colorado. The closest larger towns are Montrose and Durango. Grand Junction is a larger town 2 hours drive to the north. Montrose, 25 miles away, has a full range of services including extensive medical, eating establishments, shopping malls and automotive dealers.

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