Green Homes for Sale - Cayo, Florida Green Home

Cayo, Florida — Green Home For Sale

Sustainable green farmette off the grid and in a gated secure community in the tropics. Far away from the materialism and regulations of today's modern societies. Based on faith in Gods creation to sustain us. Solar, cistern, gardens and fruit trees.

Listing ID: 19557

  • Sustainable Home
  • Off the Grid
  • Small Home
Annual Property Tax $50
Annual Utility Cost $60
Home Area 600 sq ft
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1
Total Property Area 3 acres
Year Built 2013

Property Description

Two story hardwood cabin with covered porch and under home storage. White metal roof to reflect the sun and vent windows to allow the near constant tropical breezes in. Biospharm interiors are usually unfinished to allow the new owners to create their dream space. We focus on solar but wind works as well for electricity. For water we have several sources from wells to cisterns to piped and coconuts. For wifi we have wireless from a local Christian radio station and that's only for those who want it. We believe in a minimalist lifestyle so we can relax and play and serve rather than be a slave to money. Join us if you feel the calling.

What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

It starts with organic gardening and fruit tree groves and flows into cooking and cleaning and farming. Healthy is also social and spiritual having balance in all things.

Neighborhood Description

Biospharms is more than just a neighborhood. We are a budding enclave of gardens of Eden. We live in a friendly tight community of diverse Christians of all walks with a desire to not be caught up in the excesses of modern culture. Some say we are a new Amish concept but that's a stretch. We like our pickup truck and smart phones and prefer to be shaven and clean. We do love however how the share and serve one another and that's what we hope to immolate as we grow.

Market Area

We will be a community of under 100 small farming families. We believe is total self sufficiently and personal security. We are totally fenced and gated and have a security mindset. We strive to be 100% sustainable and able to be self contained if disaster would strike. The village near us is industrial minded and anything we could dream of needing is just minutes away. This includes health care restaurants, and even pizza and ice cream.

School District

Public, private and homeschooling are all abound. Its a personal choice.


We have one small corner store in the community and a nursery along with a sawmill and community center currently under way. There is also a orphanage

Home Type or Land

Single Family - Two Story

Location of Home or Land


Elevation of Home


Building Details

Air Quality

Agriculture in Area Yes
Industry in Area No
Air Pollution in Area No
Pesticide Free Yes
Fragrance Free No
Cleaned with Green Products Yes

Interior Environment

Heating System Other
Solar - Passive
Wood Stove
Cooling System Other
Ventilation System Whole House Fan
Whole House Filtration None
Whole House Vacuum No

Energy & Water

Energy System Off the Grid
Water System Rain Water Collection
Wastewater System Composting Toilet

Construction Information

Construction Type Wood Framing: 2x4, 2x6, etc.
Exterior Finish Wood
Interior Finish Wood - Solid
Interior Paint Plant Based
Floor Material Wood - Solid
Roof Material Metal
Window Material Other
Insulation Material Other

Garage / Car Port

Garage / Carport Yes
Garage Type Carport Detached
Number of Cars 1
Garage Area 0 sqft