Royston, Georgia — Green Home For Sale

This 1900 sq ft 2BR/1BA Earthship home features all of the modern conveniences of a standard home without the monthly overhead. 6.75 acre homestead with hardwoods and pasture. 3 acres of pasture for growing. A great homesteading opportunity!

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  • Green Home
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  • Off the Grid
  • Photovoltaic (PV)
  • Solar - Photovoltaic

Asking Price (USD) $225,000
Annual Property Tax $1,600
Annual Utility Cost $500
Home Area 1,985 sq ft
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1
Total Property Area 6.8 acres
Year Built 2015

Property Description

You will love this spectacular Green home on 6.75 acres of hardwoods and pastures. This 2 bedroom 1 bath Earthship home features all of the modern conveniences without the monthly overhead. This is a hybrid home powered by a 2kw solar energy system and traditional power, with energy efficient appliances. Total energy bill for the year on this home is less than $500. There is no well necessary here, the home is equipped built to collect rain water from the roof, up to 5100 gallons storage capacity. That water is filtered throughout the home. Another feature of this beautiful Green Home is the green space inside. The grey water system pumps water from the bath or sinks to feed the plants inside the home.The plants that are currently there are to help improve air quality. Includes a Vermont casting wood stove, stained concrete floors, tongue and groove blue pine wood ceilings, solid wood cabinets with granite counter tops throughout and energy star rated appliances. There are glass bottle walls that add an artistic flare and which cast fairy tale hues of color throughout the house. Both bedrooms lie off of the South, facing the greenhouse. This home is a short drive to Athens or Hartwell and all amenities. It offers a quiet space for relaxation and living combined. This home was completed in 2015 by Andrew Hickman of New Earth Homes and has been showcased on CNN, the Weather Channel and recently on Clark Howard. This is a one of a kind home that is ready for you as a primary residence or investment property. It is currently generating income through Airbnb and is listed as a location for The film industry.

What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

We are 100% off-grid. We get our water free from the sky, our electricity from the sun. Not that living off-grid is the "ultimate sustainable" action, but it definitely forces the inhabitants to be aware of their consumption. We use biobased foam insulation in the roof and exterior wall for superior insulation. We heat our water with a tankless propane gas water heater that can also receive preheated water from a solar water system. We used reclaimed wood to sheath some of the interior wall. We re-use gray water to feed the plants in the atrium, edible and ornamental. It has been built to use as little energy and water as is necessary. Since this home is a bermed home, we are also able to take advantage of the earths thermal mass for cooling down and staying warm. The southern window face keeps the home warm in the winter.

Neighborhood Description

Middle class neighborhood surrounded by agricultural land in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains.

Market Area

Royston is a small town in Northeast Georgia with a great public library, post office, 2 grocery stores and quaint business district, and healthcare. There is a new hospital just 15 minutes away in Lavonia.

School District

Small schools from grade school through high school. Madison County High School


Quaint community which includes weekly farmers markets, holiday events, farm animal auctions and neat small town experiences.

Home Type or Land


Location of Home or Land


Elevation of Home


Building Details

Air Quality

Agriculture in Area Yes
Industry in Area No
Air Pollution in Area No
Pesticide Free Yes
Fragrance Free Yes
Cleaned with Green Products Yes

Interior Environment

Heating System Other
Solar - Passive
Wood Stove
Cooling System Conventional Forced Air - A/C
Cool Pipes
Ventilation System Other
Part of Cooling System
Whole House Filtration None
Whole House Vacuum No

Energy & Water

Energy System Hybrid
Municipal Energy
Off the Grid
Photovoltaic (PV)
Solar - Photovoltaic
Water System Municipal
Rain Water Collection
Wastewater System Other
Septic System

Construction Information

Construction Type Earth Ship
Wood Framing: 2x4, 2x6, etc.
Exterior Finish Masonry
Interior Finish Other
Wood - Solid
Interior Paint No VOC
Floor Material Concrete
Roof Material Metal
Window Material Wood Dual Glazed
Insulation Material Urethane Foam

Garage / Car Port

Garage / Carport No