1631 Patrick Pl. NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Earth Origins Construction presents this breathtaking Build Green New Mexico GOLD awarded home, synchronizing green construction with organic asthetics. This home is art: mountain resounding exterior, sustainably harvested sinuous vigas, colorful rammed earth trombe walls, & zen indoor waterfalls.
Green HomeHealthy HomeNatural Home
$675,000Asking Price (USD)
$1,400Annual Property Tax
2,660Square Feet
3 / Beds / Baths
21780 sq ftLot Size
2009Year Built

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What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

****Energy Efficient Features**** *Projected HERS is 56, test performed by Larry Gorman with Building Energy Solution. *Advanced Framing Envelope: framing consists of a 2X12 top and bottom plate with an inner and outer 2X4 wall 24" on center to allow for a thermal break from the inside of the home to the outside. *Cellulose insulation installed by Althouse Inc. This home exceeds the high performance requirements of level 1 insulation of the EPA's Energy Star Program. Althouse Inc. has been the energy consultant and insulator on over 200 Energy Star rated Buildings. Usually work by Althouse Inc reduces the heating energy requirement by 50% while Energy Star only requires a 30% cut versus a comparable building built to code. -R-50 stabilized cellulose insulation in all ceilings. -R-44 Dry dense pack cellulose in all walls. -All thermal bypass in the framing details was blocked and sealed. -Extensive work on skylight shaft walls, speaker box outs, Solar tubes and other problem areas were brought into Energy Star compliance. -Garage is fully insulated. *Sill Sealer and Moisture Barrier between bottom plate and slab around entire perimeter of home. -Inside and outside of slab stem wall and all thickened slabs are insulated with 1.5" XPS (7.5R value). -Entire slab is thermal broken from the earth with 1.5" XPS (both underneath and at all perimeter). *Passive Solar Orientation: South/Southwest (less than 15 degrees Southwest) orientation, Approx. 300 square feet South facing windows. *Thermal Mass: -Trombe walls made from rammed earth walls act as solar thermal collectors in living room and master bedroom. -Stained Concrete Flooring act as thermal mass collectors in living room, dining, and kitchen. *93% efficient Munchkin Contender boiler. *Energy Star Appliances *Energy Star Ceiling fans and Energy Star outdoor lighting (outdoor sconces have built in light sensors so only turn on when dark). *Natural Cooling: -2 Cooling towers -Windows designed for cross ventilation. -Ceiling fans in all bedrooms and living room. -Awnings/overhangs located above all South facing windows to decrease sunlight absorption through windows in Albuquerque Summer months. -Deciduous trees to be planted in South and West of home for summer time cooling. *HVAC Design and Equipment: -All duct work rigid pipe, sealed w/low-VOC, water based sealer, and insulated with non-fiberglass Reflextix foil bubble wrap. R-Value 6.0 with 3/4 air space between duct and insulation. -Forced air zone control which separates forced air system into two zones- one for Master suite and the other for the rest of the home. -2 stage air handler with hydronic coil to be used as secondary heat system and to keep the temperature of the radiant heated air in the winter. -20 seer 2 stage air conditioner *Radiant Floor Heating: -Installed in advanced insulated concrete slab. -6 Zones (allows for heating specific areas of home to minimize consumption.) *Electrostatic air purifier. *Partially dedicated full home HRV system (all duct is rigid and insulated.) *Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs in all lighting fixtures (except for kitchen exhaust fan). *Light Colored Stucco (to reflect heat in New Mexico's hot summer). *White membrane roof (solar reflective in Albuquerque hot weather). *13 Solar Tubes installed to bring in natural light while avoiding the temperature loss associated with skylights. *Low-E coatings on windows, excluding south facing windows in order to capture solar heat in cold months. *Ready for photovoltaic and solar hot water & hydronic heating system. *Windows and doors caulked, flashed and sealed. *Designated switches to turn off phantom energy loss. *Air tight recessed cans. ***Sustainable, Non-Toxic Materials*** *Techniques: Advanced framing techniques were used for all framing of the envelope and interior walls. -Strived for sizes that kept with 24" increments. -All headers are engineered laminate beams that correspond to the specific loads. *Cork flooring (renewable product) in all bedrooms. *Concrete flooring in living room, dining, kitchen, powder bath, utility room and hallway minimizes flooring material use. *Cabinets in kitchen and bathroom made from sustainably harvested bamboo. *Cabinets were also locally built by local Earth Origins Construction. *American Clay walls throughout home (low-embodied energy, natural, local, renewable, low toxicity). *Rammed Earth Trombe walls made from low embodied energy, natural materials. *American Clay natural pigments used to create integral colors in kitchen and bathroom concrete countertops. *Cellulose insulation contains recycled paper stock. *Interior doors and exterior front door handcrafted by local carpenter. *Doors made from U.S. grown and harvested Alder wood. *FSC-Certified wood for baseboard. *Sustainably harvested vigas. *Cork and glass lighting fixtures (renewable and recyclable materials). *Concrete countertops in kitchen and bathrooms, locally designed and made by Albuquerque builder. *Concrete stucco is locally produced in New Mexico. *Soil to be supplemented with organic compost from Albuquerque's Soilutions (local). *Exterior wood treated with non-toxic Lifetime Wood Treatment. *Copper vessel sink produced by company which is SEMARNAT Certified. ****Health, Safety & Indoor Air Quality*** *Low EMF (Electromagnetic Field) design. *American Clay walls: No-VOC product which improves indoor air quality and protects against mold. *Garage, bedroom closets and ceiling painted with no-VOC EnviroKote. *Bioshield Sanded primer (for American Clay adhesion). *All doors, windows, and cabinets stained with Bioshield low-VOC resin and oil stain finish. *Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets constructed from bamboo plywood (composed with E1-level adhesives) and formaldehyde-free melamine. *Concrete flooring penetrating sealer (Kemiko Stone Tone Sealer) conforms to LEED guidelines. *Concrete countertops sealed and waxed with non-toxic, water based, food-safe Cheng Concrete products. *Ventilation: -Energy recovery ventilator. -Cooling towers. -Ceiling fans. -Second exhaust fan in kitchen. -Range hood ventilated to the outside. - Window placement designed for cross-ventilation. *"Active-ready" passive radon control system. *Non-toxic cleaning supplies used to clean home. *Duct work sealed with water-based adhesive. *All doors leading into the heated space are covered with a roof to protect from water and other weather related impact. *All box outs constructed on the exterior of the envelope were constructed after the outer shell was complete with OSB and a water barrier (Tyvek equivalent). ****Water Conservation Systems*** *Roof rain water catchment system -Underground tank holds 1771 gallons of water. *Grey water system: water from bathroom sinks, tubs and showers recycled. *All toilets are Dual Flush (.8gpm/ 1.6 gpm) *Drought Tolerant Landscaping Strategies: -Native New Mexico vegetation. -Drip system. -Plants grouped with similar watering needs. -Walkways and parking areas composed of permeable natual materials. *Hot water recirculation system controlled by user on demand. *"Flat"roof is actually a positive pitch with a white rubber membrane cover to assist in proper drainage. ***Environmental Impact*** *Project is located in an Albuquerque infill site, served by existing roads, water and sewer. *Land to be restored and enhanced to native, drought-tolerant landscaping, friendly to local New Mexico wildlife.

Property Description

Located in the heart of Albuquerque's North Valley, "Our Eco Inspired Home" was designed to respect and honor the beauty and health of the earth, synchronizing green construction technologies with organic, natural aesthetics. This home reflects Earth Origins Construction's commitment to blending green building innovations with breathtaking beauty. Builder/Designers Paul and Anita Chavez created this home to embody the spirit of New Mexico's skies, earth, water, trees, stones, and golden, glowing light. Choices about structure, form, materials, and colors were born from an intuitive process mirroring an artist painting joy and a sculptor shaping experience. From the soaring, mountain resounding exterior to the sinuous vigas echoing living trees to the stone river running through the concrete floors to the multicolored, stratified rammed earth trombe walls to the stainless steel tree countertop inlay, "Our Eco Inspired Home" is art celebrating nature. Aesthetics intersect with form in the "how" of the home's construction. At the forefront of every building-related decision was the question, "How can this be made green and more earth-friendly as compared to more conventional approaches?". Areas of focus included energy efficiency, the greenness or sustainability of materials (factors like the embodied energy, renewability, and low/no toxicity of products used), healthy indoor-air quality, water conservation, and environmental impact. Some of the many green features are: passive solar orientation, advanced framing techniques, R-50 ceiling & R-44 wall cellulose insulation, rammed earth trombe walls for thermal mass, natural cooling design, energy recovery ventilator system, American Clay walls, bamboo cabinets, cork flooring, low-VOC wood stains and sealers, low electromagnetic field design, grey water & rain roof catchment systems, native landscaping, low-water flow fixtures, and active-ready passive radon control system. The projected Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) is 56. This home was awarded the Build Green New Mexico Gold award.

Neighborhood Description

This home is located in the heart of Albuquerque's North Valley community. Walking/biking distance to local library, parks, bike trails, farmers markets, and La Montanita Coop.

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Housing Predictor lists Albuquerque in the top 10 USA housing markets most likely to see dependable, stable growth. With a helathy regional economy, Albuquerque has avoided the subprime crisis and sale prices have risen 3.8% in 2008.

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Garage Area1100 sqft

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