Glorieta, New Mexico

Beautiful Untouched off grid 10 acres with an evergreen forest of junipers, cedars and some other conifers. Several acres are level, some are steep, several beautiful wild arroyos going through it inviting endless exploration. Can be purchased with or without 4 glamping four-season cabanas

Accessible HomePhotovoltaic (PV)Small Home
$120,000Asking Price (USD)
$368Annual Property Tax
$600Annual Utility Cost
200Square Feet
1 / 1Beds / Baths
10.0 acresLot Size
2018Year Built
Green HomeProperty Type

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What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

The canvas dwellings are a unique technology, explained in detail here:

Queen PleniSphere®'s UNIQUE EDGE

Advantages of a PleniSphere® over tipis, tents, yurts, temporary buildings, and even standard and geodesic homes

100% Breathable Comfort. A tent is made of nylon and builds up unhealthy condensation quickly. A typical yurt is made of non-breathable heavy vinyl, with conventional house insulation in between. It resembles a standard house with poor insulation. A PleniSphere® retains more heat with its double-wall air-pocket technology. Inside a PleniSphere® you are always heating and breathing fresh outside air with 100% cotton canvas walls of highest quality and durability. This also has numerous health benefits!

One with Nature: While both a yurt and a PleniSphere® are round, the similarities end here. Like a conventional house, a yurt still limits your seamless contact with the outdoors. In a PleniSphere®, permeable walls allow you to feel immersed in your natural surroundings. Unlike a tent where you are roughing it, your high ceilings, ample windows, and vertical walls provide you with complete luxurious comfort. Welcome to being a part of nature rather than apart from nature! 

Portability, Simplicity, Setup Time and Ease: a yurt's wood frame alone weighs 800 lbs, and takes several days by several people to set up. It follows most standard construction principles. A PleniSphere® consists of two bags weighing 65 and 50 lbs respectively, a set of PVC poles, and a set of ground stakes. They easily fit in an ordinary car, and can be set up by a single experienced person in two hours. Welcome to an entire new standard of construction.

Resistance to the Elements: ordinary tents break, collapse, and fly away in harsh weather. Tipis can fall with exceptionally high winds, as they are not firmly staked into the earth as a PleniSphere® is. A specially built yurt or house can handle almost any snow load and winds up to 80 mph. A PleniSphere® performs the same or better: the snow melts immediately as it lands when the inside temperature is kept just above freezing. No build- up, nothing to clean! A PleniSphere® also sustains high winds as it is a true sphere with no corners where the wind can get under. Well staked to the earth, the frame and fabric moves as one unit; this is the perfect structure during an earthquake!

Windows: windows and thus views and ventilation are missing in tipis. All Queen PleniSphere®s come with generously sized, beautifully arched windows, in three layers: a canvas privacy blind, followed by a no-see-um proof screen, followed by a UV-rated heavy duty clear vinyl. All layers have gorgeously bound reinforced seams, and open and close with two zipper pulls so you can adjust the window opening to any shape and size you want! All zippers are out of sight and framed so as to be protected from all dust and rain exposure. Unlike a house, having four windows in four directions and one door allow effective cross ventilation, multiple views of the sky, earth and nature observation!

Durability: Our extra tight weave, pre-shrunk, heavy duty cotton canvas has four proprietary non-toxic treatments: fire retardant, UV, water and mildew resistance. It is prepared for any climate, any sun and water exposure, and any moisture level and altitude. It has been successfully tested now for four years in a wide range of geographic regions. As it is made of two matching layers, the inner layer never is in contact with the elements and can last indefinitely, easily 40-50 years. The outer layer can last 20 years in most regions, and around 10 years in extreme conditions. Additionally, it can be reordered and exchanged for a new one without you having to take down your setup!

Maintenance: The list of standard house maintenance is too long to list, and usually eats away at all free time and money we have. PleniSphere® maintenance: zero. Enjoy life!

Aesthetic Appeal: uncomplicated, generous, symmetrical arches free of any angles, corners or repeating polygonal shapes is the PleniSphere® signature. Impeccable seams finished with elegant binding throughout, and fantastically smooth zippers always out of sight, allow your nervous system to rest in peace, naturally regenerate, and restore its original buoyancy. No rigid wall can replicate the softness that fabric engenders.

Architectural Health and Performance Impact Independent of what the weather brings, you are always warm, dry, with fresh air and enveloped by the beauty of arched windows. 100% UV free filtered light always produces a golden glow inside, on a bright day or a gloomy day. It is the perfect natural for light for photography, painting and to counter depression, SAD and other physical and mental maladies stemming from isolation from nature, artificial surroundings, and lack of architectural harmony.

Nervous System Functioning Without fail those who enter it comment on the enveloping calmness and sparkling joy that emerges. Those who spend an hour or longer describe how their thoughts become more coherent, positive and creative. Whether you are working on your laptop, conceptualizing your next business plan, doing artwork, cooking, exercising, meditating, entertaining, or simply resting and enjoying, there is an organic and sustainable flow to your actions.

Property Description

??Price has just been lowered from $200,000 to $120,000 for a quick sale.

Beautiful Untouched off grid 10 acres with an evergreen forest of junipers, cedars and some other conifers. Several acres are level, some are steep, several beautiful wild arroyos going through it inviting endless exploration.

Property has easy access, the road leading to it has been graded and is in good condition for any car. The road is flat, that is, there is no steep incline to battle during snowy conditions. The front of the property is at the street level. As you go towards the back it gets steeper. It is 30 minutes door to door to Santa Fe.

Property has beautiful views of Rowe Mesa and the Pecos national Forest. If you choose to build a house you will have stunning views. There is an electric pole at the entrance of the property so it is ready to be hooked up to the grid if you choose to.

There are four canvas cabanas fully furnished each with a mini kitchen and sleeping set up. There are solar panels and lithium battery set up. Power goes to all cabanas and a large 12 x 20, 12 foot tall shed. It is sufficient to run any power tools, kitchen appliances, refrigerator lights and media. Each 10’ to 13’ tall cabana has two 20 lb propane tanks, and a gas heater that will keep you warm in the winter. This is because of the unique double wall system that insulates you from below freezing temperatures and keeps you cooler in the summer. Within 20 minutes you can heat them to 75°F.

There is occasional snow between November and April and it melts fast. The summers are typically not too hot due to the 7000 feet elevation, higher temps reaching 85 Fahrenheit.

There are 5 rain catchment tanks, each holding 85 gallons of water, that have not been fully set up, but that are ready for your use. There is no well, although nearby neighbors have done so without any issues. There are 5 composting toilets.

This would make a great artist studio, retreat ready to go, and/or Airbnb investment income.
A person could live in one cabana and rent the others. Alternatively, if you prefer this property empty without any structures, it can be arranged.

I am the owner and I will not carry. $120,000. Please contact me with any questions! 5 0 5 983-0 6 9 3

Here is how I have used it as a retreat:

Here is about the building:

 Here it is as an Airbnb:

Neighborhood Description

There are 10 to 40 acre parcels in the surrounding region, mostly unoccupied. Year-round green, junipers, cedars and piñons  on average 20 feet tall, other 40 plus feet tall conifers. very quiet, no car traffic. Yet within 3 miles you are at a local post office. 12 miles to a grocery store.

Market Area

There is really not much going on in this minuscule town. You can buy some groceries get gas and go to some restaurants in downtown Pecos, 12 miles away. Otherwise, you are only 30 minutes from Santa Fe, which has every amenity possible and is a art, cultural, historic and architectural  destination.

School District

The closest school is in Pecos, NM


People are friendly and help each other out.

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Agriculture in Areayes
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Air Pollution in Areano
Pesticide Freeyes
Fragrance Freeyes
Cleaned with Green Productsyes

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Whole House Vacuumno

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