Accord, New York — Green Home For Sale

Earth sheltered solar dome home. Southern exposure with magnificent views of farmland and mountain ridge.

Listing ID: 17995

  • Green Home
  • Healthy Home
  • Natural Home

Annual Property Tax $3,000
Annual Utility Cost $100
Home Area 1,100 sq ft
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1
Total Property Area 3 acres
Year Built 2006

Property Description

This home features a great southern exposure with spectacular views of farmland, a mountain ridge and a mature pine forest. The loft bedroom has abundant natural light and storage space. Radiant heat tubes are installed in the beautiful burgundy red cement slab floor. The kitchen features custom cement counters and cherry cabinets. The bathroom has a jetted bath tub. Other features include an earth tube ventilation system for air exchange, beams milled from trees cleared from site, interior finished with natural plaster. Includes rustic cabin for potential studio or guest house.

What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

This home was built using a structural kit from Performance Building Systems (PBS), based in Durango, Colorado. PBS owner, Gene Pearcy states, \"Earth shelters are very efficient. A well-insulated above-grade home is influenced by outside air temperature, whether the heat of summer or the cold of winter, and is aggravated by wind chill factors. An earth shelter has much less direct, unsheltered, outside exposure, hence less energy requirements. In addition, an earth-sheltered home enjoys the benefits of a large thermal mass. The concrete foundation and shell are surrounded by \"free\" earth (often the same earth that was excavated for the foundation). This earth provides a very large thermal mass at little added cost. This thermal mass soaks up and stores the energy that stabilizes interior living temperatures at a comfortable level - eliminating temperature swings. A conventional house may be subjected to outside temperatures ranging from the teens or lower, up to 100 degrees over the course of a year. An earth-sheltered home\'s large thermal mass forms an envelope around the home that will stabilize at about 55 degrees on its own. Imagine a conventional house where it was always 55 degrees outside... How much easier would that house be to heat in the winter? How much easier to cool in the summer?\" rnrnAdditionally, this home uses Passive Annual Heat Storage (PAHS).rnJohn Hiat of the Rocky Mountain Research Center in Montana described what he calls Umbrella Homes. \"A simple underground house design uses a novel insulating/water-shedding blanket that covers the structure and surrounding soil. The umbrella creates a huge subterranean thermal reservoir that soaks up the sun’s energy during summertime and stores it for winter heating. In many cases, the clever design makes a heating system unnecessary.\"rnrnAn Earth tube ventilation system is used for temperature adjusted air exchange. The beams are milled from trees cleared from the house site. The interior is finished with natural plaster and is sealed with natural waxes. The furnace is 97% efficient. The house is sound-proofed as a result of the earth & cement structure. The exterior is low maintenance. The windows were purchased new from the Mid-Hudson Materials Exchange.

Neighborhood Description

The area is rural. The home is built on a wooded hillside overlooking a dairy farm.

Market Area

100 miles North of New York City. 80 miles sounth of Albany. Historic Hudson Valley. Adjacent to Catskill Mountains and the Shawangunk Ridge. Close to great trails. Minutes from the village of Stone Ridge and the college town of New Paltz.

School District

Rondout Valley Central


Home Type or Land

Single Family - Two Story

Location of Home or Land


Elevation of Home


Building Details

Air Quality

Agriculture in Area Yes
Industry in Area No
Air Pollution in Area No
Pesticide Free Yes
Fragrance Free Yes
Cleaned with Green Products Yes

Interior Environment

Heating System Hydronic Floor Heat (radiant)
Solar - Passive
Cooling System Passive Cooling
Ventilation System Other
Whole House Filtration None
Whole House Vacuum No

Energy & Water

Energy System Municipal Energy
Water System Well
Wastewater System Septic System

Construction Information

Construction Type Masonry/Concrete
Steel Framing
Exterior Finish Shingles - Wood
Interior Finish Cement Plaster
Wood - Solid
Interior Paint Low VOC
Floor Material Concrete
Roof Material Earth
Window Material Wood Dual Glazed
Insulation Material Fiberglass

Garage / Car Port

Garage / Carport No