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6730 SW 89th Pl, Portland, Oregon

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Energy-efficient, green home with solar power in Garden Home. Newly restored original hardwood floors. Large, productive garden area with numerous fruit trees and bushes. Within walking distance of walking/biking trail, park, and public trans.
Green HomeHealthy HomeSolar - Photovoltaic
$3,995Annual Property Tax
2,406Square Feet
5 / Beds / Baths
7405 sq ftLot Size
1967Year Built

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What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

The home has aspects that make it both green and healthy. From a green perspective: * Solar electric * Old windows completely replaced with very high-efficiency fiberglass windows (from Alpen Windows), some selectively chosen for high solar heat gain (south-facing) * Very high efficiency Trane gas furnace and heat pump, installed end of 2007. Dual-zone heating/cooling, which can be used to selectively heat/cool each floor. Heating component replaced two old 1960s furnaces. * Gas tankless water heater (Rinnai), installed end of 2007, replaced 20 year old electric water heater * Spray foam insulation in crawl space and attic (Demilec Sealection 500 and Sealection Agribalance) * New fence, arbor and trellis, made from FSC certified cedar with the fence posts made from a locally salvaged Black Locust * Bathroom remodeling done using green products, mostly made from recycled or reused materials. * Air sealing, duct sealing, and duct insulation * Large, productive garden area with many fruit trees and bushes (including about 10 blueberry bushes). Many ornamentals, including various roses. * Highly energy efficient and low water use dishwasher (Bosch) * 1 gallon per flush toilet installed in downstairs bathroom * Energy-efficient Panasonic WhisperGreen fans installed in all bathrooms * 3 composting bins, which were used to produce compost for use in the garden * New recycled carpet in family room (the only room with carpet in the home) * Window shades made recycled materials (EcoVeil) installed for most windows. Can be recycled by manufacturer at end of life. * Reusable, washable furnace filter What makes it a natural home? * No use of pesticides on the property. In fact, all gardening was done by hand, and lawn mowing was done using a push reel mower. Compost produced in the yard was used as a soil amendment. On occasion, locally produced organic compost and mulch were used as well. * The upstairs carpets and those on the staircase were removed, and the original hardwood floors were refinished. The use of pre-existing hardwood floors, vs. carpet, has been shown to make homes healthier, and carpets can be problematic for allergies. Currently, only one room in the house still has carpet, the family room downstairs. * Low VOC or no VOC paints used in remodeling projects

Property Description

This attractive colonial with 5 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms is move-in ready! In the upstairs, where the 5 bedrooms are located, the carpets were completely ripped out, and instead of putting new carpets in, the original hardwood floors were refinished for a much healthier home. The only room in the house that still has carpet is the family room, with most of the downstairs already having hardwood floors. Two of the bathrooms were recently remodeled. The upstairs bathroom now has attractive wood cabinetry, a quartz countertop, a copper sink, and a beautifully tiled bathtub/shower area. The downstairs bathroom now has a minimalist design and feels considerably more spacious. The home has comfortable, warm, light-filled living spaces with great potential for adding to the landscape and gardens. Much of the area that was previously covered in grass or hedges has been converted to a productive garden. There are numerous fruit trees and bushes, including about 10 blueberry bushes, apple, cherry, plum, and peach trees, grape vines, and much more. In the summer, the garden has been used to grow numerous tomato plants, strawberries, basil, beans, and other vegetables to great success, all organically, all by hand. The only amendments used in the soil have been compost (much of it produced at home) and mulch. The home has undergone numerous energy saving and green improvements since 2007, including the installation of a high efficiency gas furnace and heat pump, a tankless gas water heater, new very high-efficiency fiberglass windows, and spray foam insulation. Towards the end of 2011, solar panels were added to offset electricity costs. In 2010, a beautiful fence with a trellis and arbor was added using FSC cedar and locally salvaged black locust. The fence significantly adds to the charm of the home along with providing children with a safe area to play in the backyard. The Fanno Creek Trail can be found directly behind the home, and provides extensive opportunity for walking, jogging, or biking. It is possible to take the Fanno Creek Trail through Beaverton and Tigard and all the way to Tualatin, with numerous parks available on the way. A three minute walk from the home gets you to Vista Brook Park, which has a playground, tennis courts, and basketball courts. Public transportation is a two minute walk away and can get someone to downtown Portland in 30 minutes by bus. For other destinations, the Beaverton Transit Center can be reached by bike in 15-20 minutes, with access to frequent MAX (light rail) service. FSBO

Neighborhood Description

The home is located in the Vista Brook area of Garden Home in unincorporated Washington County. The neighborhood is older than many of the neighborhoods in nearby Beaverton, established in the 1960s with generally larger plots of land. The Fanno Creek Trail runs right behind the home, and Vista Brook Park is a few minute walk from the house down the trail. There is a playground at the park, tennis and basketball courts, and nature attractions, including a large pond. Via the Fanno Creek Trail, the Garden Home Recreation Center, which offers numerous classes, athletic fields, and a large playground, is 1 mile away. Going the other way on the Fanno Creek Trail, it can be taken through Beaverton, Tigard, and all the way down to Tualatin. A private neighborhood outdoor pool is located on Becker, a 5 minute walk. During the summer, it is open till 10 PM, and there are usually options for kids to take swimming lessons as well. There are also various elementary schools accessible via a short bike ride (1 mi or less) that have excellent playgrounds. Trimet's 56 bus line runs on Scholls Ferry Rd, and the nearest bus stop from the house can be reached by foot in about 2 minutes. It runs from Washington Square to downtown Portland (and back) and services many stops in SW Portland. The Beaverton Transit Center is also close by and can be reached by bike in 15-20 minutes. From there, the MAX (light rail) can be taken to get to areas in Beaverton or Hillsboro, or in the other direction, the Zoo, downtown Portland, and beyond. The neighbors are very friendly and many of them have lived in the neighborhood for over 30 years.

Market Area

The home is located in Garden Home, an area in unincorporated urban Washington County. This area is basically located between SW Portland, Beaverton, and Tigard. It is close to downtown Portland but also close to downtown Beaverton and the Beaverton Transit Center.

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