Green Homes for Sale - Rockwall, Texas Green Home

Rockwall, Texas — Green Home For Sale

3 bedroom, 2 bath private home. Safe for chemically-sensitive individuals.

Listing ID: 19305

  • Healthy Home
Annual Property Tax $2,523
Annual Utility Cost $2,000
Home Area 1,600 sq ft
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
Total Property Area 4792 sq ft
Year Built 1997

Property Description

3 bedroom, 2 bath private homee in Rockwall, TX., 20 miles east of Dallas. The home was made safe by the previous owner, a patient of Dr. Rea's who got well in this home. She lived there four years. She installed air and water filtration and tiled all the floors, per Dr. Rea guidelines. She had an EMF specialist inspect the house; he installed a grounding rod in the back yard. I upgraded the air-conditioning and filtrations systems and added a whole-house dehumidifier as well as formaldehyde-free attic insulation. The air-filtration consists of multiple dust filters, multiple charcoal filters and a hepa filter. The water coming into the house passes through two 20" stainless steel water filters in series. In addition, the showers have 10" charcoal filters and the kitchen has an RO system. The interior was painted one year ago with non-Voc paint. Beautiful 6 yo organic garden in the backyard with a retaining wall (all low pollen and low terpene choices). There is a Heavenly Heat 2-person sauna in one of the bedrooms. It is in like-new condition, hardly used. All air and water filters have been changed recently.

Products: all 7th Generation Free and Clear in laundry and kitchen. Completely unscented and non-chemical personal products used.
Garage: attached, though never used for cars, only storage.
Backyard slopes downward to a paved alley. There are plantings around the perimeter of the house.
Kitchen appliances: all electric; including oven, stove-top, microwave, dishwasher.
Exhaust fans in both bathrooms and the kitchen.
There are no plumbing leaks nor mold in the house.
Washer/Dryer hookups.
Sq. footage: 1600 Sq. ft.
Lot size: 50' x 100'
No smart meter on site. No above-ground lines (all buried). No cell towers nearby.
Purchase price: $235,000.00
Contact: Anne Reach (H) 303-258-7401 (cell) 505-258-7401
Age: 15 years

What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

Whole house air and water filtration and dehumidification systems.
Completely scent and chemical free.
Tile floor throughout house.

Neighborhood Description

Suburban community 20 miles east of Dallas. Good school district.

Market Area

Kroger's Superstore is two blocks from the house. They carry several hundred organic items.

School District




Home Type or Land

Single Family - Single Level

Location of Home or Land


Elevation of Home

Sea Level

Building Details

Air Quality

Agriculture in Area No
Industry in Area No
Air Pollution in Area Yes
Pesticide Free Yes
Fragrance Free Yes
Cleaned with Green Products Yes

Interior Environment

Heating System Forced Air - Electric
Cooling System Conventional Forced Air - A/C
Ventilation System Part of Cooling System
Part of Heating System
Whole House Filtration Active charcoal
HEPA filtration
Whole House Vacuum No

Energy & Water

Energy System Municipal Energy
Water System Municipal
Wastewater System Municipal

Construction Information

Construction Type Wood Framing: 2x4, 2x6, etc.
Exterior Finish Masonry
Interior Finish Gypsum Board - Sheet Rock
Interior Paint No VOC
Floor Material Tile
Roof Material Asphalt Composition Shingle
Window Material Wood Dual Glazed
Insulation Material Other

Garage / Car Port

Garage / Carport No