136 Grouse Cir, CO 81252, USA, Westcliffe, Colorado

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Added On:05/20/2024
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Straw Bale Home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Needs finish work! Price reduced!
Green HomeHealthy HomeNatural HomeAccessible HomeEnergy Efficient HomeGreenBuilt HomeStrawbale ConstructionAdobe Construction
$235,000Asking Price (USD)
$450Annual Property Tax
1,400Square Feet
2 / 1Beds / Baths
5.0 acresLot Size
2008Year Built
$900Annual Power Consumption
Single Family HomeProperty Type




Not Specified

An interior adobe wall between the pellet stove and wood stove captures the heat and radiates it back throughout the night and for several days. The same is true of the floors. R-value unkown.

R-Value: 56
Barley Straw Bale wall insulation
Roof / Ceiling

R-Value: 56
Straw-filled bags insulate between the ceiling and roof,


Not Specified

PuniceCreat and adobe earth were used in the floor (6" deep) and stem/footers (18" wide). Six inches of PumiceCreat were used throughout the bathroom floor. While PuniceCreat is three to four times warmer than concrete, I don't know it's r-value.

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Key Green Features

Biowaste Management

There is no need to contend with human bio-waste with the Biolet Composting Toilet. Photos coming...

Native Landscaping

No Maintenance!

Rainwater Harvesting

A 1500-gallon concrete cistern filled with rainwater is in place and has a feed line running to the house. It has yet to be connected to the household water supply. This lends itself to Fire Protection, an alternate household water supply, and lower insurance costs.

Eco-Friendly Materials


Where was this used? PumiceCreat (floating lava stone granules) was used throughout the foundation's stem wall. It was also used in the bathroom floor to prevent cold floors.


Where was this used? I used Barley straw bales which keep their insulating straw shape (better than Oat or Wheat). They are placed between support posts throughout the building. There is no weight on the straw. They provide an r-value of 56.

Property Description

Unable to modify this format. You may want to copy/paste this text into a word processor so it is easier to read. Better yet, email or message me for the more readable Full Digital Detailed House Description... [email protected] STRAW BALE HOME Colorado Rocky Mountains by Owner/Builder Five Forested Acres $235,000* The Hard Work is Done! Invest $30K Finish Work. Up to $120K Equity * Detailed below, I based the price and deductions on 3 estimates and a straw-bale house I built which recently sold locally for $360K(see link below). Once I gave Zillow my finish data, they seemed to coincide with my asking price. Link: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/533-Aspen-Trail-Rd-Westcliffe- Contact: Message me Address: 136 Grouse Cir Westcliffe, CO 81252 Appointment needed House hunters interested in this house should read the full details in this listing before making an appointment. It will help you determine whether this house is for you. Buyers with a letter of Pre-Approval Financing, Pre-qualification, or Cash Buyers will be given priority. Straw Bale Fans who are not looking to buy, but are curious or want to see the house to get ideas about building their own straw bale house, please understand I do not have time to show it to every interested person. However, upon request, I will arrange an open house for SB builders. Feel free to drive by and look at it from the road. Introduction The house is fully functional and livable. I am the builder & owner of this straw bale home and own this house outright (no mortgage). I have built three straw bale houses in this area and have worked on several other straw bale projects. This house was built as my home; this means I put in extra quality work and features in this house. The heavy construction is complete, about 80%; some finish/detail work remains. Since this house is functional and completely livable, you can move in immediately and live in it as you finish it. Nothing immediate is required, so you can complete the projects when it is convenient. It would take a full-time person about one month to complete the house. Equity-wise, you could hire out the work and still come out ahead. While crime and rent prices escalate, buying a home in Custer County makes safe sense. Home prices in the country are lower, and crime is nil in this county. With a population of 4,700, the county jail recently closed due to too little crime (they farm out detainees to a nearby county). House Competition is Estimated at $30K The house needs a Water Well – estimated cost for drilling a residential water well is $25 to $65 per foot or $3,750 to $15,300 on average for a complete system and installation. Here in the Wet Mountains drilling in the area hit water in as little as 60', but it is abundant at 150'+. I'll even guarantee the presence of groundwater. Some Electrical and Plumbing are needed: Most of these materials required to finish the house have been purchased and are included with the house. Based on the averaged estimated price and my asking price, as an incentive to buy, it is set up so that the Sweat Equity of $30K would translate to $76K in home value.* The final expenses and earned equity would depend on your choices of esthetics. *Price & Equity How did I arrive at the $235,000 price of the house? I took into consideration the asking prices for regional Straw Bale Homes on the market. Zillow, realtors, and banks are not set up for Straw Bale Home estimates, especially for homes under construction. The Straw Bale Home industry states SB homes' costs/values are up to 15% above the typically quoted estimates for conventional homes. This would give the buyer up to $54,000 of undeclared Straw Bale Equity above the average estimate for this home. For now, until I can clear up any ambiguity of SB equity, I will be using their conventional home estimates. This part is a little complex… I averaged four estimates: Chase's $381K average ($450K High), FSBO's $342K ($420K High), and Rocket Homes' $346K for Finished Conventional Homes. More importantly, I included the selling price of a Straw Bale House I built locally that recently sold on Zillow for the comparable price of $310K ($360K minus $50K for 6 acres more than my property (See Link*). That average is $344K and add $10K* Straw Bale Equity) bringing the potential value of my home to $355K upon completion. *Link to Sold SB Home): https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/533-Aspen-Trail-Rd-Westcliffe-CO-81252/194790856_zpid/ For a win/win transaction, I subtracted $120K of sweat equity/investment from the average $355K for the balance of $235,000 (these amounts do not include 15% higher value for SB homes). In effect, a $30K investment will provide at least a $75K increase in home value (based on the $310K SB Sale), and up to $120K equity (based on the averaged estimate of $355K+). I provided these price breaks as an incentive to sell the house quickly. Bottom line: If this completed house were resold in today's market, your home would sell between $310,000 and $355,000 +. Possible Price Increase? The following is based on the lower estimate of $310K. Price Increase: The following is based on the lower estimate of $310K. If the house does not sell by July 15th, I'll be putting in the well for less than the allotted $15K max to make the house sellable. As the earned equity is set up, the allotted $15K will increase the home's value by $35K to $270K.The original sweat equity/investment of $30K will decrease to $15K for the finished construction of the home. That $15K of the remaining sweat equity will increase the home value by $40K, and the price of the house with the well in place will increase to $310K +. Does the price of $270K with $15K sweat equity for my home with a well sound more appealing than paying $235K w/$30K sweat equity? This shows how advantageous this equity plan is and why it would be more profitable for you to put in the well. Creative Owner Financing With 75% down, I can offer a fixed interest rate of 2.5% (beating the Feds high interest rate of 7%). I am open to other options – including trade for establishing a 5-year minimum internet presence and marketing a book I wrote. Trade I need someone long-term who is experienced in internet marketing for a project. I will trade about 25% of the payment for such services for five years or longer. That is about $50K. (A serious, committed learner will be considered.) Location and Area The home is in Custer County, in the South Central Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It is on 5 acres of hills, with 400+ pine trees. It is on a cul-de-sac road with minimal to no traffic. There are two other homes on this road; one is a summer retreat. You'll have most of the area to yourself. Custer County's population is 4,700, and it is not a major tourism center, so living here is quiet and easy. Westcliffe is the nearest town, 18 miles north. Pueblo is 65 miles to the east. Colorado Springs is 75 miles north. Denver is 135 miles away. The 50-mile-long Sangre De Cristo mountain range, with 14,000-foot peaks, is 10 miles across the valley. Hiking, backpacking, biking. Pine trees cover the area with occasional meadows and grassland valleys. Electric lines are underground. The homes in the area are on five-acre parcels with county-maintained roads (including winter snow removal). The value of the custom-built houses in the area ranges from $250 K to $2 MM. There are a few newer modular homes but no mobile homes. This property sits in the Wet Mountains at 8950 feet elevation and above a 7500-foot high valley that runs at the base and length of the snow-capped mountain range. The name Wet implies an abundance of shallow water (60 to 100 feet) as it can rain here more than in other areas. The property has abundant wildlife. I continuously see wildlife on my property: deer, bobcats, lynx, coyotes, a few bears, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and a beautiful variety of birds. Several deer trails crisscross the property. The animals are free to roam with few fences in the area. It is very quiet and peaceful here. I love the contrast of the winter in a warm, imperviable straw bale home, yet the house is cool in the summer. It has been the ideal setting to concentrate on a book I've been writing. I stopped working on the house when it was livable to start writing. The house sits on a slightly sloped, northern side of a pine-forested hill above a meadow known as Antelope Valley, the name of the subdivision. The house's interior is 1200 sq. ft., and the exterior is 1400 sq. ft. (Keep in mind the straw bale walls are 20" deep with a stucco coat.) It has two bay-front type entrances. If viewed as two sections perpendicular to each other and sharing a common wall, the house's exterior dimensions are 30' x 25' and 30' x 21', plus an 8' x 8' rear entry mud-room with a storage loft. See the floor plan. For a Detailed House Description & work to be done, Message me or email me at [email protected]

Home Energy Evaluation

Glazing: Dual-Paned Windows

Installed Appliances:
  1. High Efficiency Furnace was installed in 2020 with seer rating Renni EX22C

Air Sealed: No

Energy-Star Appliances: Refrigerator

Tankless Water Heater Installed: No

Home Health Evaluation

Water Purity: no

Air Purity: no

Radon Test Date: ,

Wall Finishes: Plaster, Clay Paint, Low VOC Paint

Energy Cost Breakdown


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Website: None other than Facebook, and Zillow

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