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Green Homes for Sale - Yerington, Nevada Green Home

Yerington, Nevada,
United States


3 beds, 2 baths

This is a 3 BR 2 BA 2,467 sq. ft. off-grid home located on 41.66 acres of land in western Nevada wit...

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Green Homes for Sale - Nevada City, California Green Home

Nevada City, California,
United States


1 beds, 1 baths

Quiet Hidden Waterfront Retreat. 435+' frontage BIG DEER CREEK! Peaceful, ancient land developed ec...

Green Homes for Sale - , Colorado Green Home

, Colorado,
United States


1 beds, 1 baths

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Green Homes for Sale - Grayslake, Illinois Green Home

Grayslake, Illinois,
United States


2 beds, 2 baths

This home was awarded LEED Gold Certification. It is passive solar, passive geothermal, and it is ac...

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Green Homes for Sale - Datil, New Mexico Green Home

Datil, New Mexico,
United States


1 beds, 1 baths

Top Secret Prepper Location. Please contact me privately for the rest of the information. PS: You'l...

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Green Homes for Sale - Pintada, New Mexico Green Home

Pintada, New Mexico,
United States


1 beds, 1 baths

140 acres with stunning vistas.Raise alpacas, cattle, grow crops or simply live the peaceful life.

Green Homes for Sale - Franklin, North Carolina Green Home

Franklin, North Carolina,
United States


1 beds, 1 baths

Energy Star Certified Mountain Cabin. Fully remodeled interior, located between Franklin and Highlan...

Green Homes for Sale - Rainelle, West Virginia Green Home

Rainelle, West Virginia,
United States


3 beds, 3 baths

Barn Sweet Barn! On Loops Road in eastern Fayette County stands a unique structure that is home swe...

Green Homes for Sale - New Denver, British Columbia Green Home

New Denver, British Columbia, Canada


2 beds, 1 baths

Beautifully renovated 2 bedroom home for sale in New Denver. Located in the heart of the village wit...

Green Homes for Sale - Tweed, Ontario Green Home

Tweed, Ontario, Canada


3 beds, 3 baths

A beautiful, exeptionally bright custom built home with great view in a peaceful neighbourhood. 3 bd...

Green Homes for Sale - Koro Island, None Green Home

Koro Island, Fiji


3 beds, 2 baths

A FAMILY HOME ON AN ISLAND IN It is about 200 sq m with two separate buildings to sleep in. Large ...

Green Homes for Sale - Waisali Village, None Green Home

Waisali Village, Fiji


1 beds, 1 baths

Cute Oceanview Cottage on one acre with full gardens (fruit trees and vegetable gardens) - ready to ...

Green Homes for Sale - OSA PENINSULA SOUTH PACIFIC, None Green Home



2 beds, 1 baths

Beachfront / Jungle House BACKWASH BAY, CABO MATAPALO “A naturalist paradise and surfer’s dream ...